1.4 Something Unexpected

11-13-17_8-30-21 PM

Hey guys, it’s been a while but …

Surprising news I’m 6 months pregnant.  Yassss, my dreams of starting a family are finally coming true.  I didn’t intend to start one this soon nor without being married butttt, it is what it is and I’m just happy.  Also something else unexpected happened Aarav proposed; and I said yeeesssss.


10-21-17_9-31-09 PM10-21-17_9-32-00 PM10-21-17_9-32-04 PM

I’m cultivating a new friendship with a lady I met at a festival.  She’s pretty funny and she told me that she is an artist.  I told her I would stop by to see some of her art one day.

Aarav confessed to me that his parents are deceased for 3 years and that he is the last of his lineage, neither of his parents had siblings and neither did he.  He is excited about having a child also.

It must be as they say Kismet that we both share a similar background and desire for a big family.  So it seems we are off to a non-traditional but good start.  Notice I said “it seems” forever the skeptic, shish.   I’m gonna believe and hope for the best and not worry about what can go wrong.


10-21-17_9-32-52 PM
Shotgun Engagement I know, don’t laugh


1.3 Fun With My Boo

After that night when the bartender passed in front of me, needless to say I was very disturbed and upset that night. Aarav took me home to my humble humble abode, yall saw the pictures right, but at least it’s mine. Anyho, Aarav took me by the hand looked into my eyes and asked if I wanted him to stay. I hesitated because I mean I just met the guy. He grabbed me and kissed me tenderly on the forehead then the mouth. We sat on the bed(there’s nowhere else to sit) and started talking about death. I ended up telling him how I never knew my parents and that I am an orphan. I said my two besties Beyonce and Jordan are the only family I know. At that very moment we looked deeply into each other eyes and started making out to beat the band. Then one thing lead to another and we ended up rolling around on that bed, no details, I’m sure you know what happened next. After all the woohoo I was ready for him to stay.


Gardening 1.5
Beautiful – My Roses are coming along beautifully guys


Plant magic 1.5
Some plant magic talk goin on here lol

In the morning I made us eggs and bacon. He left to go to work and I stayed home that day, couldn’t focus I kept thinking about that bartender., OMG! Guys.

Me and bea 1.5

Beyonce came over she needed to talk about rethinking her career path.  She had a set back and she was thinking about changing from her music career.  She told me that she hasn’t been getting a good response to her performances.  I encouraged her to follow her dreams and to have a plan B.  I suggested she might need to practice more.

The next time I saw Aarav was over coffee and I found out he works as maintenance for the building he lives in.   He told me he’s quite handy and that his father had him learning to fix appliances around the house since he was 12.  He can fix anything in my house, definitely a good skill to have.  He can be my house husband and keep the house up to par, lol.


Rose 1.5
Oh yeah and I added a kitten to my family her name is Cici


1.2 The Good, The Bad and the Ugly


So I’ll start with a few pics of my updated home.  Yall like the improvements.  I wall papered the bathroom, and added the divider between the bedroom and kitchen.

My garden is coming along, I’m very proud of how it looks and I’m looking forward to extending it even further.  I’ve been doing some research and found out it can be very profitable.

Me and Bae went out and we had our first kiss.  That was the most romantic to me, but check out the look on his face, I just went in and took what I wanted.  He looks shocked but I don’t think he really minded.  From the way he acted as the night went on I don’t feel like he was bothered by the kiss but instead was shocked.

We were having so much fun we went to a rooftop club and something bad happened.  The bartender died, he had a heart attack.  I was so distraught, I asked bae to take me home after that.  I didn’t know the guy but that was just so crazy seeing someone die in my face.

Guys I had a bad morning.  While cooking breakfast my cheap ass stove caught on fire.  It looks worse than it was.  So needless to say it was a busy 2 days.09-06-17_9-29-06 PM

1.1 Promotions and Dating Joy

My first day at work I had my co-worker take a picture of me while inventing the momentum conserver.  I already have my co-workers eating out of my hands.

09-06-17_8-52-21 PM

09-06-17_8-50-05 PM
Outside the Lab.  Were not allowed to take pictures from inside.
08-28-17_9-08-40 PM
The front of my humble abode.  It still needs a lot of work.
08-28-17_9-12-05 PM
This is a view across the street, lovely neighborhood.   I sure was blessed to get such a great location.  I imagine my neighbors are bothered by my tiny house, but who really cares I’m doin me and I don’t have time for snobs.

This is the inside, my humble bathroom and tiny bed.  The kitchen is the best part.

08-28-17_9-46-35 PM
I had gotten dressed to go out for a bit and made a salad so I didn’t have to spend money on food.  Mchottie called and asked if I wanted to meet him somewhere.  Of course I said yes with glee in my heart and not my voice.

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Outside we had a nice chat and bonded easily.  We had drinks and watched a cool performer, I also met some cool people.  I’m lovin this town.  Oh and I did get a promotion.


Chapter 1

These are my girls Jourdan Dunn a model and yes lady B herself, we both were like take the picture at the same time.  Both pics were on campus.

08-26-17_11-11-02 PM08-26-17_11-05-26 PM

08-26-17_11-48-14 PM
After visiting the campus in the morning, I went out with Jourdan and spotted this fine specimen right chea.  I had to do a double take on my way to pee pee.  I wasn’t about to let him get away.

08-26-17_11-48-32 PM

08-26-17_11-48-42 PM
We chatted for a good while, he makes me laugh.  And yall know how we love a man that makes us laugh.
08-26-17_11-50-36 PM
Soon this chick showed up chatting my man up.  I couldn’t wait for her to leave.  I kept giving her the side eye.  Anyho, enough about him.  I finally confided in Jourdan how I had been making money in college.  I search out collectibles and sell them.  She was happy for me but passed on the opportunity to join me.  I plan to also start gardening I heard I can make a pretty penny that way also.  Nobody knew how I was getting money while in college, I would go off by myself and handle my business.  I was able to collect around $300 that day.
08-27-17_1-23-55 AM
Later on that night I went to the Humor and HiJinx festival in San Myshuno.
I had fun tricking people, this lady in the pic actually slapped the ish out of me and when I tried to get her back she did some Judo or some shit against me.  She got that off, but trust and believe I’m scheming on when I can get back at her.  I’m probably gonna have to spend more time at the gym on that bag.  Anyho, it was a pretty productive day, my team the pranksters won $500 and I got a ish load of fireworks that I quickly sold.  I plan to renovate my tiny home and add a bathroom.

When I got home from the festival mic hotty Daddy Aarav from the park called to ask me to a club but I wanted to be fresh for my first day at work so I said no.

I had a great day at work.  I actually invented something I had been contemplating called the Momentum Conservor.  This should secure me a raise any day now and get me a promotion.  Catch you later.

Carr Legacy Gen 1 The Beginning

Hi my name is Rose Carr.  I want to share the story of my life since it hasn’t been easy growing up in an orphanage.  I was told my parents were killed in a terrible car accident on their way to work right after dropping me off at the day care.  I was a toddler and can’t even remember my parents faces, and I have no pictures of them.

I’m 20 and I just finished college.  I did so well in school that I received a scholarship for college.  Two days before I graduated I received a call from my social worker telling me that I have a plot of land in my name that was given to me as a part of a government program to help orphans get a good start in life.  That is what you see in the picture.  I have a small I mean very small tiny house on the land.  I’m happy to have it because I didn’t know what I was gonna do.

08-22-17_11-15-09 AM
My Besty Jordan took this pic. in front of my humble humble tiny abode, lol

Sim Stories, Carr Legacy Challenge

I’m just starting my new job as a scientist.  I don’t know what the future holds but I hope to have a big family and with this land I can put down roots and build a legacy for my future family in this town Oasis Springs. ♥

I was so excited to find out that the land is near two of my best friends from college(pictures of us to follow)